Monday, May 7, 2012

There is always a reason to cheat...

There is always a reason to cheat. That's my motto. I have been on the Suzanne Somers diet for three years now, and it has been such a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE the fact that I lose baby weight and retain a certain figure... and HATE the fact that it takes certain sacrifices to do so. 

It seems that I'm constantly 'starting the diet' or coming up with a new day to 'start the diet.'  The longest the diet seems to last is about a week... two if I'm lucky!  The goal is always the same, and the desire is there.  It's the weakness that gets me.

You know what a dog is like when he sees a squirrel, right?  It's like... la ti da ti da... meander along... then... SQUIRREL!!!

Yup.  That's me with chocolate.  Me with good carbs.  Me with beer on a hot day or wine on a cold winter's night.  I'm walking along... doing GREAT with the diet, and then... SQUIRREL!  It's all over.

This blog is about my struggle to follow a healthy lifestyle, and the battle between the forces of the good and the not so good... My fight with choosing between a beer on a hot summer night, or deciding to go with that lime seltzer water sitting in the fridge... yeah...  someday I'll win, but for now... I've got that stash of Easter candy that I know is hiding in my hubby's nightstand. 

The question is... will I walk away or give in?  It totally depends on my day.. on how well the kiddos are behaving... on whether I'm feeling good... whether I slept last night... whether... well... I think you get it.  So... here's to making good decisions and sticking to it... the diet... that is :)


  1. Sing it sister! It is tough to stick with it which is why we need to find a lifestyle - not a diet. Let's brainstorm and make millions! : )

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who starts her diet several times a month! I've found that taking a "lifestyle" approach works when I'm maintaining weight, but to lose weight I still have to "diet." I hate to diet. Looking forward to reading more and getting some tips!

    1. Belinda... I am ALWAYS breaking my diet! LOL Maybe I get a week in here or there, but then some occasion pops up.... *Sigh....