Monday, October 15, 2012

Three steps forward, two steps back...

Well... I've made it through the first part of Insanity and the recovery week.  I'd LOVE to say that I've been the poster child for Beach Body, but... alas... my Beach Body diet has been more like a four days on, three days off kind of thing... or even worse... three days on, four days off.  

I think the reason why I'm so bad about sticking to it is that when I do stick with it, I see results FAST!  Then I think... geez... I have some wiggle room now... maybe I will join hubby and the kiddos in those chips and dip or pumpernickel rye bread slathered with butter, paired with a nice amber brew.

That's usually the Friday night scenario, followed by Saturday at the soccer fields, where there's always lunch on the go to think about.  About the quickest thing we can pick up is a burger.  And, c'mon... what's a burger without fries, ketchup and a coke?  (Coke meaning... soda... pop... or whatever the rest of you yanks call it ;)

Come Sunday, I just top it all off with a nice brunch with french toast or pancakes and that real maple syrup my Vermont cousins gifted us... See how easy it is to fall prey to good food???

Regardless, I still consider my results to be FANTASTIC!  I'm down 13 pounds and up a ton of muscle.  Just take a look for yourself.  This is my 34 day before and after pic. (I have to admit, the before pic REALLY embarrasses me now...)

My goal this week is to actually STICK WITH IT!  I want to see the 130's.  So, my goal is to hit 139.9 before my big Oktoberfest party next Saturday.  Because on Saturday... it's no holds barred. I'm German, Irish and French, and take my ethnic background quite seriously.  On St. Patty's day, I feast.  On Oktoberfest, I REALLY feast.  Can't wait for that pumpernickel bread, sauerkraut and all the rest of the yummy goodies that come with the traditional feasting :)

My geek friends are coming early to stay the weekend (and I say geek with pure delight, as I myself fall into that category... and have a mild love affair with Linux) and we're gonna have FUN!

I know I'll have to pay the bill Monday, when I go back to being 'good'... but, I'll just take those next three steps forward, and in the long run... I'll still come out ahead :)