Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Super Villian called... The Enabler

Caught Red-Handed
I'm gonna tell you a story... it's about a little girl.  A little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead... Oh right... yeah... I've told you that one before.  *sigh*  Well... tonight, the girl with the curl won... or should I say this weekend the girl with the curl won... but it wasn't entirely her fault.  There WAS a super villain involved!

I'm not going to go into the boring details of nights spent telling stories and hanging out in the hot tub with friends and sharing a drink or two, or how I ended up having to pay for calories by doing burpees on the stage of one of my fav local joints... or about the doughnuts that magically appeared in my house after Mass on Sunday...  Nope!  Not going to talk about that AT ALL.

Right now, I'm going to talk about The Enabler.  That's right.  You heard me correctly.  THE ENABLER!  The enabler in our house is about 5'10".  He talks in a deep voice, and looks like a very kind and caring gentleman.  BUT... let me tell you folks... he is in DISGUISE!  He reads between the lines and looks for an open area to take advantage of an excuse-maker... like myself...

The Enabler sneaks up on you and then BAM!  He hits you with a cookie or a beer or a glass of wine or a big batch of gourmet garlic potatoes!  He hears a whisper in the wind and that's all it takes.  He's there.

Tonight, The Enabler heard a whisper in the wind (via the form of a text message)... "I'm craving a sweet treat."  What the small whisper was REALLY saying was... "Please tell me to drink a glass of water."  But did The Enabler do that????  Nooooooooo.  Of COURSE he didn't!  Nope!  The Enabler went right into the kitchen, pulled out our Kitchen Aide.  Threw in some butter and sugar and vanilla and a bunch of other yummy ingredients (no recipe... mind you... after all, he IS a professional and a REAL pro at this...) and do you know what he did???  HE made a batch of COOKIES!!!!!!

Those cookies came out of the oven, and within seconds, a cup of decaf coffee and a cookie still freshly hot and on the spatula just happened to show up RIGHT IN MY FACE!  I mean REALLY!  The GALL he must have to do that to me??!!!  Of course, the girl with the curl took over.  The cookie was scarfed down in seconds and another cookie followed in its wake.  I just don't know what I'm going to do with this evil villian that stalks my very home.  LOL

In all honesty... the cookies were very yummy.  Yes... I'm a bit disappointed about my weekend, but what I absolutely love about this health and fitness journey that I've been on since September is that it has really helped me to change so may aspects of my old lifestyle and form some great new habits.  Does this mean that I'm a COMPLETELY new person?  No... of course not.  It simply means that I have found a way to constantly get back on track when I fall off the wagon... because, I'm tellin' y'all... when you live with The Enabler... it's bound to happen!  That... and well... it's just called being human.  :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

"I am the real me now!"

We just finished another challenge on August 5, 2013, and I am so proud to announce Nickie Wheeler as our big winner!  (Or should I say loser?  LOL)  This lady has been such an inspiration to have in our group, always eating healthy, encouraging everyone, and not giving in to excuses.

When Nickie won the challenge, several challengers told her that it was her dedication  that kept them on track.  "If Nickie is doing her workout, I better get mine in!"

I asked Nickie if I could write a blog article about her success, so she sent me her story... but later that the day, she wrote me back and shared that she was a little nervous about sharing her story with everyone.  

Let me tell you something... to go from being overweight and not confident, to finally gaining some control and confidence, it's such an amazing feeling!  But taking a journey back to those pics and feelings from before making the decision to change... it can be such an eye-opening and humbling experience.  
"I feel like it is not me.  I am the real me now, feeling confident.... It was a good thing I found out about winning the challenge on Monday.  It was a great celebration of the date of my Dad's passing!"
Nickie, it is such an HONOR to have you in our challenges.  Thank YOU for being such a rock and strong inspiration to everyone... and most especially to ME!  :)

Please take a minute to read Nickie's story, and BE INSPIRED!

Nickie's Story

On Jan 1, 2013 I sat down with my journal and started writing my goals.  I had just got off the scale was shocked to see 250 staring at me!  I realized that despite my best intentions and trying to overcome my emotional eating, I was failing miserably.  I realized that overcoming many health problems had lead to different issues with my weight.  I have always been goal oriented, so I decided that this year I was going to make some serious changes in my life.

The loss of my Dad, in August of last year, hit me very hard, he was one of the kindest, most gentle, most amazing encouragers I have ever known. He would not have wanted me to be in this kind of shape.  So I wrote… and I wrote… I wrote about my financial goals, my relationship goals, and my health goals, and came up several concrete goals, including losing 50 pounds by the end of 2013. A lofty goal for sure and I really had no thought as to how I was going to achieve it.

I got a DVD set and I worked out everyday except Sunday.  In the first 3 months, I lost 30 pounds.  Pretty good, I thought, but then after that, the scale just would not budge. Around that time, a friend of mine posted on her FB page that she was starting a challenge group. I had no idea what that was, but she told me about it, and I felt I was ready for the next step.  I really needed more support.  I could not do this journey on my own. 

The accountability in the challenge group was awesome, the Shakeology gave me more energy.  I was nervous at first, being the oldest and the heaviest member, but the group members were supportive and encouraging and kept me on the right track.  I started that on May 5, 2013 and on Aug 5, 2013, I was down another 26 pounds!  

I knew I had to continue with this journey so I immediately signed up for another challenge group.  My total weight lost with the challenges so far has been 30 pounds and going strong, and I am almost two weeks into the T25 challenge.

The motivation and the relationships, as well as the humanness of my fellow challengers, is continuing to motivate me. Over the weekend I ran in a RCO Race (Ridiculous Obstacle Course) I never would have been able to do that if it had not been for Beachbody, entering the race was my reward for finishing the first challenge.

Recently, I re-read my journal and my goals, I really had forgotten I had said 50 pounds, and now I have accomplished it and more with this total loss so far of 60 pounds!  This realization has given me the confidence to meet many of my other goals as well, and has increased my positive outlook on life ( I am already a pretty positive person but it gave me more to smile about!).  I even updated my goal to another 20 pounds by the end of the year!

This has been a remarkable journey to say the least, and I know I will continue to meet my goals and gain my health back.  Success is all in the journey and the people who walk alongside you!