Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diet-Keeping RECIPE: FANTASTIC refreshing drink alternative to high-calorie Soda & Alcoholic drinks!!!

So you're headed to a party with AMAZING intentions of making the BEST food and drink choices.  You get there, everyone's having a fun time... drink in hand (usually some form of super-yum drink mix, or soda, or beer or wine...) and suddenly, those best laid plans you had fall to the wayside as someone hands you one of your fav drinks, and without a second thought, you readily pull it to your lips.

Oh yeah.  You KNOW I know it.  I can't tell you how many times I've been in that exact same position.  Because of this, I came up with a fun, yummy and refreshing alternative to soda, diet soda, alcohol and whatever other high-calorie drinks become your biggest temptation.

The next time you find yourself at a party where you're trying to make better caloric choices... bring a few ingredients with you and try this recipe!  You might be surprised when some of your friends ask you to make for them too!  It has happened to me on more than one occasion!  

I call it the Vinyasa.

Refreshing, easy to make lime drink. 

1 8oz glass
1/2 - 1 lime  (depending on how sour you like it to taste)
1 T organic agave nectar (to taste... don't use too much or it adds too many calories)
Seltzer water

Squeeze the lime into the glass.  Add agave nectar and stir.  Pour cold seltzer water into the glass.  For extra flavor, add some crushed mint leaves.

So grab those limes, the agave & seltzer... throw it all into a bag... take it to the party, and show 'em how it's done.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Confessions of a VERY naughty birthday!

I CONFESS!!!!  Yes!  I AVOIDED posting in my challenge groups this weekend. And I'm so VERY VERY sorry.  I was way too busy being naughty so I refused to stop for a second and think about the consequences.  ***sigh***

I honestly can't remember the last time I was this naughty... now... is that good or bad?  LOL  I don't know.  you tell me!!!!

As this was an INSANE weekend with all sorts of debaucheries, I'm FIRST going to tell you the 'punishment', THEN I'll tell you the crime.


4 days of Insanity workouts
3 days of modified Shakeology Cleanse
2 days of extra yard work
1 Public apology for completely avoiding my challengers while committing this debauchery.

True confessions time...

It all began one cold and dreary Friday afternoon... sounds like a great beginning... right??

1st Offense:

Place:  Local Winery
Crime:  Glass of wine (in itself is NO big deal... really)
My Win:  Kept it to one glass
Scenario:  Taking advantage of wine club membership and having a free glass of wine with the Pres of the soccer association as we discuss fundraising.  It WAS an official meeting... of course.

*** insert big sigh here ***

Oh how many "sins" start with... it's just one?  Well... I DID stick to just one glass... at the winery that is.  But it was the start of what catapulted me into an insane weekend of birthday celebration and festivities that included a lot... and let me tell ya... I mean a LOT of diet-breaking catastrophes!

2nd Offense:,

Place: Kristie's party (same day)
Crime:  2 Beers
My Win:  Left it at 2 beers and left to go home

Scenario:  Friend's birthday party (we have the same b-day so we wanted to hang at her party to celebrate).
If that was the end of it, it would have been totally fine.  BUT... my problem is when that curl in the middle of my forehead gets the best of me... and moderation (which is usually my friend), just DARTS!  Some kind of friend she is!

The next couple of diet-breaker crimes I'm COMPLETELY blaming on Mr. Enabler himself!

3rd Offense:

Place: Zinga Frozen Yogurt (same day AGAIN!!!)
Crime:  1 amazingly yummy container of ice cream!!!
My Win:  Um.... Having a hard time finding on here.  LOL

Scenario:  Yes... ugh... that's right.  It took just one small suggestion from Trent that we go enjoy some ice cream alone... and without a thought, I dove right in.  Literally.  I'm still trying to get that yogurt out of my hair!

You know... I DID get the small bowl... (which is really more like a medium).  I dove into the strawberries and nuts (I can count that as a win... right???  LOL).  Dove into the heath bar crumbled mix (definitely NOT a win).  Piled on the hot fudge (eega!!!), and topped it off with a good dose of whipped topping!  (OUCH!!!!!)  

I could have actually taken a pic to post here... but I wolfed that thing down so fast, that there was no real evidence of THAT big cheat!  You just get to see the empty bowl and know that the person who ate it was VERY satisfied indeed.

4th offense:

Place:  Saturday morning, birthday breakfast in bed!!!  Happy birthday ME!  (Totally not my fault... right?)
Crime:  French bread, olive oil, tomato and eggs.
My Win:  Ate in moderation :)

Senario:  Woke up at 5:30am to a beautiful breakfast made by my sweetheart.  It was one of my old favs... toasted french bread, freshly blended tomatoes, olive oil, and then soft boiled eggs.  I actually DID have a win here!!!  (So excited about this... right???  :)  Instead of scarfing down ALL the bread, I had three pieces of toasted french bread with the olive oil and tomato on top, and two soft-boiled eggs.  I think saying no to the rest can be considered a win.  YAY!

5th Offense: 

Place:  Home Birthday CELEBRATION!!!
Crime:  Oh so many... you have to read to see WHAT!
My Win:  Ummm... dance party?  LOL

Scenario:  I was good most of the day... drank my Shakeology and ran a Beachbody booth with a fellow coach at a bizzare.  As SOON as I got home... well... it all fell apart, starting with a glass of wine and some caprese (fresh mozzarella cheese with basil and balsamic).  

Thank God for a family dance party that helped get my heart rate up there, because I don't even want to KNOW how many calories came after.

Trent makes the most AWESOME steak and mashed potatoes!  My personal birthday dinner request!  Follow that with green beans & bacon and a beer.... and it took yum to a whole new level!

The final touch was this AMAZING lemon layer cake hubby made from scratch for my birthday.  And not to be cliche... but it WAS the icing on the cake of a very naughty, but yummy, day :)

By the time dinner was over, we were all quite full and nothing sounded better than a good family snuggle on the couch!

6th Offense:

Place:  Home and Away!
Crime: Again... too many to count... read away!
My Win:  When I got home, I decided to end it there.

Scenario:   Up bright and early to my REAL breakfast in bed.  Yummy omelet and hash browns!

Got back from church and the first thing I did was dive into the left-over cake.  Breakfast of champions... right?  Ahhh... I have such amazing resolve!  Bahahaha!  NOT!

As far as the rest of this crazy weekend is concerned, I'm blaming the rest on that darn winery membership!  Yeah... it's a heck of a lot easier than taking responsibility... right???  Sunday afternoon, we went to a wine club soup dinner that was spectacular!  Three courses of soup, served with three different wines.  Dessert served with dessert wine.  And a couple tastings after... yes... a high calorie day!  EEEGA!!!

7th Offense:

Place:  Spelunkers Drive-Thru (on the way home)
Crime: Bacon cavern burger, fries and (whispering here... a coke!)
My Win:  Um... none.  I ate every last bite.


When I got home, I decided to end it there.

THANK the good Lord... that's where it all ended.  Don't honestly think I could have crammed much more into that...  I got home and loaded up on water and made some new week resolutions!

At this point, I'm so grateful for my fellow challengers.  This may be a painful confession... BUT I'm getting right back on that wagon today, and I'm focusing on the wins I had this weekend... otherwise, I'd be too busy worrying about a complete diet-breaking disaster of a weekend that I'm recovering from!!!

When all is said and done... I had an AMAZING birthday and am SO ready to get my butt in gear!!!  Insanity whooped my tail again this morning, but I shall not be disparaged.  Bahahahaha!

As Shaun T would say... have an AMAZEBALLS week, my friends!!!