Monday, October 7, 2013

Shaun T is REVOLUTIONIZING fitness... and I'm telling him EXACTLY what I THINK!

I have to admit, coming off my high from Les Mills Combat, I was not really looking forward to doing the T25 program, but as an active Beachbody Coach, I thought... "Yeah... I just have to do it... no excuses."

Because the workouts are only 25 minutes long, I didn't expect much out of them, but... let me tell ya... it's the REAL deal!  For 25 minutes a day, I work my butt off... sweat dripping down my face, body screaming... (oh yeah... I'm a whiner...) eyes glued to the number on the side of the screen watching the countdown to the end of my workout.  LOL  Thank GOD for the modifier to help with all those times when I really do need a break!

Now I'm in my last weeks of Beta, and one night, (granted... I was all hyped up on caffeine and driving in the middle of the night to Vermont while the kiddos were sleeping away in the back of our Suburban) the song, Hey There Delilah came on... and it just came to me... the perfect lyrics to tell Shaun T just EXACTLY what I think of his workout program.

To help you out, I put together a quick list of things you need to know about Focus T25 before you start the program.

Five most important things you need to know about Focus T25:

#5.  There is a lot of high intensity cardio.
Workouts are mostly high intensity cardio with some body weight resistance training.

#4.  Yes. There is weight lifting.
No weights in Alpha. Some light weights in Beta. Weights are stepped up yet again in Gamma.

#3. There IS a modifier!
People who are not quite ready for the the intensity, can follow the modifier and then gradually increase the intensity as their bodies get stronger.

#2.  Focus T25 has a strong emphasis on Core Strength
In addition to the challenging 25 minute core workouts, Shaun T is continually reminding you to focus on your core, and to use your core strength.

#1.  With only 25 minutes a day 5 days a week, T25 is REVOLUTIONIZING fitness!
YES!  You CAN do a 25 minute workout and STILL SEE RESULTS!!!  The only exception is on Fridays when you're encouraged to do two 25 minute segments in a row, and there is also an optional stretch on Sundays.

Sooooo... you can throw those old excuses out the window.  Most of us can squeeze 25 minutes into our day... and if it's too intense, follow the modifier!  I know people who weigh well over 250lbs and they are still able to... as I like to say... "get 'er done!"  Just do your personal best every time, and every time, you'll get a bit stronger and do a bit more.

Oh gosh!  Gotta run!!!!  It's time to get my FOCUS on!  :P