Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Insanity OVER... well... for a few days at least :)

I DID IT!!!  I finished the Beach Body Insanity program.  60 days of pure insanity and pain.  I'm excited about my muscle results... but a bit disappointed about my weight loss results.


Remind me of the name of this blog again?  Oh yeah, right... Confessions of a Diet Breaker.  If I was to write an article for every time I broke diet, well... that would be every day.  Frankly, I'm disappointed because once I realized that month number two gave me an amazing metabolism, I took the liberty of eating whatever I wanted for the first time in my adult life, without any consequences!  

The up side is that it was GREAT to not have to worry about the consequences...  Unfortunately, I didn't get to my idealistic goal weight.  HOWEVER... I am at a happy weight, and my body has never been this defined before, so overall... the results are amazing :)

Looking back...

Shaun T pushed me to extreme limits... and I did it.  I competed against kissy face girl... (You know... the girl with the short dark hair who always has some sort of sexyish look on her face?)  It's like... look at me... you're dripping sweat... and so am I... but... at least I can look sexy at the same time.  (In my best sing-song voice :) 

Seriously?  When I'm dripping sweat... the last thing I want to see is a miss kissy face in front of me, mocking my lack of grace and grimaces as I barely make it off the floor for the umpteenth Insanity jump... lungs ready to explode...  Nope... I'll take the chica with the long blonde hair and pure determination.  Yes... you're the type who inspires me to push to the limit.

Regardless... I'm excited about the results, and proud of myself for pushing through and sticking with it when I really just wanted to quit.  Now, I'm looking forward to repeating the whole process while dragging my hubby through it this time.  And boy... this is going to be FUN!  For once, I'll be able to push HIM to work harder!  LOL  CAN'T WAIT!  (She says with an evil grin on her face...)