Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Diet KEEPING: Southwest Carnita & Bean Salad!

I'm into day three of my BeachBody 90 Day Love Your Body Challenge... and you know what???  I wasn't even TEMPTED to eat that half of a homemade delectable cheesecake that was just staring at me every time I opened my fridge.  I don't know if it was the thought of losing my chance at an iPad or just the fact that my cravings are pretty non-existant due to my daily Shakeology intake, but I DID succeed.  (I will, however, share with you that we had the kids finish it off so that the temptation wouldn't be there on a weak day ;)

So, last night, I posted my dinner in our super secret Facebook group (And no... you may NOT see into our spectacular group... we're too busy keeping diets!  Um... er... or confessing about NOT keeping diets... in a very PRIVATE environment...  LOL).  Anyway... last night's dinner just happened to be a SUPER yummy dinner that both filled and satisfied my mexican food cravings!  So... in the spirit of transparency... and in the hope of motivating my awesome challengers to keep on the straight and narrow... here is my recipe!

and I dub thee....

Southwest Carnita & Bean Salad

1c  Canned black beans (120 calories)
1/4c  Guacamole (60 calories)
1c  Organic Lettuce Mix (15 calories)
1/4c  Pico de Gallo (19 calories)
1/2c  Prepared Pulled Pork (180 calories)

Prepare Pico de Gallo:
I usually make enough Pico de Gallo to use with other meals, so this is just a rough idea of how much stuff to put in it...

6 roma tomatoes
1 small onion
1/2 cup minced cilantro
1/2 lime

  • Dice tomatoes and place in a small mixing bowl
  • Mince small onion and add to the mixing bowl
  • Add cilantro to the mixing bowl.
  • Squeeze 1/2 lime in with the other ingredients. (Tip: If you are squeezing with your hand, take a fork and twist it inside the lime as your squeezing to let out more juice).
  • Mix and salt to taste

Prepare Guacamole:
Again... I always make enough for extra snacking later!

1 ripe avocado
2T Pico de Gallo mix
  • Cut open the avocado and use a spoon to remove the 'meat' and put it into a small mixing bowl.
  • Add Pico de Gallo to the mix.
  • Squeeze 1/2 lime in with the other ingredients. (Tip: If you are squeezing with your hand, take a fork and twist it inside the lime as your squeezing to let out more juice).
  • Mix and salt to taste

Prepare Southwest Carnita & Bean Salad
  • Spoon black beans onto the right center of your plate.
  • Place pulled pork next to the black beans.
  • Cut organic lettuce with a knife and gently lay next to and slightly over black beans.
  • Spoon Pico de Gallo over the pulled pork.
  • Spoon guacamole on to the plate, next to the pulled pork.

And now for the best part...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

90 Days to a New iPad!

Yes... you heard me right... I'm starting a journey tomorrow with some of my friends... a 90 day Love Your Body challenge.  90 days to eat right.  90 days to exercise on a set schedule.  90 days to prep my body and my life and to become a better me!

Now... I know you might be thinking... but she doesn't need to lose more weight... Well... if you are, you're not too far off kilter.  Yes, I want to lose a few more pounds, but not much more than that.  This 90 day challenge is more about pushing myself to new limits.  To commit to healthy eating for more than just 10 day sprints in a row.  It's about becoming a better person overall.

So... were does an iPad come into play?  This morning, as I put on a dress that was just a teensy weensy bit tight (okay... so it was a little snug and... well in my own words, I'd say... 'poochy'...), after frowning at myself in the mirror, I told my hubby... "It's okay... I start the 90 Day Challenge tomorrow!"  And you know what he did?  He LAUGHED!  That's right... he laughed at me.  Then... he said something that he will regret in 90 days.  He said... "If you can go 90 days without cheating, I'll buy you the newest, latest and greatest iPad."  Something he KNOWS I really, really want!

Well, let me tell ya...  The one thing that I can do better than diet-breaking and snitching  is take on a challenge.  The only reason he made this promise is because he thinks I will never stick to a healthy eating habit for 90 days.  Well, you know what?  If you really want to convince me to do something, I'll tell you a little secret... Just tell me that I can't do it.  Well... insinuating is good enough...

So... hubby and I came up with a plan.  I have Sunday's and family birthdays/holidays off.  If I want to switch a Sunday for another day, I can... but then I have to eat completely healthy on Sunday.  If I can do this for 90 days... I get my new iPad.

That brings us to tomorrow... Tomorrow I begin this seemingly impossible journey (well.... seemingly impossible for Miss Diet-Breaker, that is...).  90 days of eating healthy... only taking breaks on designated days.

I'm very excited to take on this challenge.  I'm SURE that I can do it (Um... pretty sure... I mean...).  On top of that... I REALLY want that iPad.  So, hubby... you have exactly 90 days to sell enough custom closets to make all that extra money you will need to buy me my new iPad.  And I'm giving you fair warning... I better get it EXACTLY one week to the day of winning this challenge!!!

So... hello Shakeology.  Hello BeachBody workouts.  Hello challenge buddies.  I'm making you my best friends for the next 90 days.  I'm sure we will laugh together.  Be in pain together from working out hard.  And even cry together... from time to time.  But in the end... it will all be worth it. We will be happier... healthier... and ready to conquer the Summer.

And while my hubby and kiddos are already taking bets as to the chances of me sticking to this fitness plan, I'm sitting here saying... I can do this.  Along with my challengers and friends.  I CAN!!!

So... In the spirit of starting this challenge, I say... Here's to the next 90 days.  Here's to a better me.  And here's to taking it...  One. Day. At. A. Time.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheaters CAN be winners :)

The past five months have been amazing!  I went from 155+ pounds to 138 pounds, give or take a few depending on my cheating habits :)  I've gone from minimal muscle mass to sporting the best biceps and shoulders I've ever had.  My abs are ripped and my legs are so strong that I feel like I'm just bouncing when I go dancing... no soreness there :)

BUT... and you know there had to be a but coming... if you think that I'm a perfect little eater... always sticking to my salads and avacados and water and such... you thank wrong!  (and yes... I did just use the word 'thank' as a past tense of 'think'.  LOL)

I am possibly the WORST example of the perfect 'dieter' or perfect healthy eater.  For most of the weeks, and some weekends, yes.  I do eat healthy.  I'll eat my salads and beans and chicken and turkey and vegetables and Shakeology and be absolutely happy.  But as soon as I go to a party, or on a trip, or out to eat, or over to a friend's house (I think you get the picture) and someone offers me that cookie... or I see the artichoke dip and bread or I'm handed a glass of wine... there isn't even an iota of a no coming out of my mouth.  Nope!  I don't even think for a second, "Maybe I should stick to the 'healthy' stuff."  I immediately dig in and have a good time.

Now, I say I'm the WORST example, because if you're looking to stick to something and NEVER veer from it... I am NOT the person to be watching.  BUT... I guess I could be a good  example, in a sense... because if you are a habitual diet breaker like myself... just know... THERE IS HOPE!!!  

I have found that by following my Beach Body workout schedule (for the most part).  And by following a healthy eating plan (for the most part).  And taking some 10 Day Challenges where I don't hardly cheat at all... (notice the "don't hardly")... and by receiving the support and encouragement from my workout friends, I've been able to lose the baby fat and take back that "I AM WOMAN" feeling.  

I'm NOT just "mother of five".  I'm NOT just "stay at home mom".  I AM WOMAN.  I am the hot item on my very hot hubby's arm.  For the first time in a VERY long time, I feel good in my own skin.  I can get up in front of a crowd with my band and feel GREAT!  And it's not because I've been overly stressed and just couldn't eat.  Nope... it's because of my determination, lots of support, and FINALLY finding the formula that works for me.

If it sounds like I'm overly confident, well... it has taken me many years to get to this point, and I'm so happy and excited about it, that I can't help but share.  It feels amazing to leave depression in the dust, and to find new purpose, and to make new friends, and... and... I could go on and on.

Point is... I have done my fair share at cheating.  Cheating for 3 and 4 days in a ROW!  But I've been able to get right back in the saddle and overall average a healthy lifestyle.  So... Here ya go... I openly admit to it... I AM A CHEATER!!!  BUT  I'm also a winner.  Thanks to my awesome team and friends for helping me to get here.  It feels AWESOME!