Sunday, January 27, 2013

90 Days to a New iPad!

Yes... you heard me right... I'm starting a journey tomorrow with some of my friends... a 90 day Love Your Body challenge.  90 days to eat right.  90 days to exercise on a set schedule.  90 days to prep my body and my life and to become a better me!

Now... I know you might be thinking... but she doesn't need to lose more weight... Well... if you are, you're not too far off kilter.  Yes, I want to lose a few more pounds, but not much more than that.  This 90 day challenge is more about pushing myself to new limits.  To commit to healthy eating for more than just 10 day sprints in a row.  It's about becoming a better person overall.

So... were does an iPad come into play?  This morning, as I put on a dress that was just a teensy weensy bit tight (okay... so it was a little snug and... well in my own words, I'd say... 'poochy'...), after frowning at myself in the mirror, I told my hubby... "It's okay... I start the 90 Day Challenge tomorrow!"  And you know what he did?  He LAUGHED!  That's right... he laughed at me.  Then... he said something that he will regret in 90 days.  He said... "If you can go 90 days without cheating, I'll buy you the newest, latest and greatest iPad."  Something he KNOWS I really, really want!

Well, let me tell ya...  The one thing that I can do better than diet-breaking and snitching  is take on a challenge.  The only reason he made this promise is because he thinks I will never stick to a healthy eating habit for 90 days.  Well, you know what?  If you really want to convince me to do something, I'll tell you a little secret... Just tell me that I can't do it.  Well... insinuating is good enough...

So... hubby and I came up with a plan.  I have Sunday's and family birthdays/holidays off.  If I want to switch a Sunday for another day, I can... but then I have to eat completely healthy on Sunday.  If I can do this for 90 days... I get my new iPad.

That brings us to tomorrow... Tomorrow I begin this seemingly impossible journey (well.... seemingly impossible for Miss Diet-Breaker, that is...).  90 days of eating healthy... only taking breaks on designated days.

I'm very excited to take on this challenge.  I'm SURE that I can do it (Um... pretty sure... I mean...).  On top of that... I REALLY want that iPad.  So, hubby... you have exactly 90 days to sell enough custom closets to make all that extra money you will need to buy me my new iPad.  And I'm giving you fair warning... I better get it EXACTLY one week to the day of winning this challenge!!!

So... hello Shakeology.  Hello BeachBody workouts.  Hello challenge buddies.  I'm making you my best friends for the next 90 days.  I'm sure we will laugh together.  Be in pain together from working out hard.  And even cry together... from time to time.  But in the end... it will all be worth it. We will be happier... healthier... and ready to conquer the Summer.

And while my hubby and kiddos are already taking bets as to the chances of me sticking to this fitness plan, I'm sitting here saying... I can do this.  Along with my challengers and friends.  I CAN!!!

So... In the spirit of starting this challenge, I say... Here's to the next 90 days.  Here's to a better me.  And here's to taking it...  One. Day. At. A. Time.

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