Friday, September 21, 2012

Cheater, Cheater, Chocolate-Raspberry Torte Eater... YUM!

Today is my baby's first birthday.  I'm down over 11 pounds now, and yes, I am celebrating!  This, my friends is what I call a valid reason to cheat :)

We made our absolute favorite for baby's cake... Cook's Illustrated recipe of Chocolate-Raspberry Torte.  And if you've never had it, then you have NEVER had the richest, most indulgent, touch every aspect of your senses, throw you into dreamland, most delectable chocolaty dessert ever!  (Yes... I'm a bit over-enthusiastic about it, but... you just have to taste it to understand.  *sigh*)

Besides... I've already cheated by licking the chocolate off my fingers... off the spoon... off the bowl... off the glass cup measurer... off the floor... (just kidding... 30 second rule doesn't apply to drippy chocolate that has hit the floor... eeew.)  My point is... I've already cheated a bit, so with that curl right in the middle of my forehead... It's time to go all the way ;)

On top of that, we're having a family favorite for dinner.  Tacos!  I'll tone it down a bit by skipping out on the sour cream and skimping on the cheese, but... I don't think I can keep that meal to only 400 calories and give it the full umph it deserves.  Right?

So, happy birthday to my most beautiful Jacq Jacq, and thank's a million, my darling, for the best reason to cheat!

Shaun T... I'm sure you'll reckon with me in the morning ;)

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