Monday, May 20, 2013

Kicking some of that caffeine habit!

This week, I've given my people a challenge within a challenge... limiting caffeine intake to two 8oz servings a day.  To be honest, this is one challenge that I've got in the bag.  About three and a half years ago, I gave up my daily intake of regular caffeinated coffee and switched to decaf. 

And I get it... you're laughing right now (no... not the first time this has happened!  LOL) and you're thinking... "Decaf??? What's the point?"  The point is this... ever since I gave up my daily doses of caffeine, I no longer have eye twitches.  I'm not as jittery.  I sleep a little better (And I only say a little, because waking up with three kids in our bed is enough to deprive anyone of sleep!!!).  And who knows what else it's done!  The best part is that if I DO need caffeine, it works double-time.  One cup at 4pm will keep me going all night!

 I LOVE my morning coffee... and even though it's decaf, I still have a hard time starting my day without it.  But... here's your key to switching... If you're a coffee lover, and you're considering switching to the 'unleaded' stuff, you really need to buy a good brand of decaf.   My favorite brand of decaf coffee is an organic brand (which means the filtration is NOT chemical)...  Larry's Beans (and no... unfortunately I get no promotional kickbacks for mentioning the brand.  It's just that good!)  

When I give my friends a cup of decaf, most of them can't even tell they've been hornswoggled!!! (And no... not quite sure on the meaning of that word, but Doris Day uses it in Calamity Jane, and it's so fun to say!  LOL)

Now, here's the key to what I'm saying.  I'm not telling you to completely do away with caffeine, because there is no strong proof that a daily dose or two of caffeine is really harmful.  Just put some brakes onto the amount you ingest daily.

Why limit caffeine intake?  To make it easy to read and limit the length of this article, I summed it all up in this image I created for you last night (as I was snuggled into bed with my glass of ice water and the sound of silence piercing the cool night air :)

So... here it is... I challenge YOU to take this challenge.  If you are an avid coffee drinker, try to limit your coffee to 2 cups a day, and then switch to decaf.  If you only drink a cup or two a day... hey... maybe you can take the plunge and cut it out all together for a week.  The caffeine headache WILL go away... and then it won't be back :)

ONE LAST THING... I used to be a Linux geek... and then again... a social media strategist for an IT office... so I KNOW about the free sodas in the fridge. (Oh yeah... can't slip anything past me!  :)  So... if it's not coffee that is your battle, but the trips to the fridge (either at home or the office)... try to limit it to no more than one or two a day.  And as for cutting out the soda... well that's a whole 'nother story... (Which I will tell another day!)

So... here it is... take the challenge, and see what kind of difference a week will make!

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