Thursday, May 30, 2013

Diet-Keeping Recipe: Mexican Summer Chili

Today is REALLY hot!  I thought about eating a salad for lunch, but am pretty sure I'd have watched it melt before my eyes as I took my first bite.

So... there's a bunch of tomatoes on my shelf, cilantro in my fridge, and a basket full of fresh limes on my counter.  My hungry creative juices started to flow, and I came up with a really yummy low-cal lunch idea.  It was sooooo good, that I just had to share!  Mind you... I did not measure everything out specifically, but you can see for yourself, it's so healthy... you just don't have to.

Mexican Summer Chili


Tomatoes (Roma or On the Vine)
Onion (yellow or white)
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Lime
Fresh or Granulated Garlic
1 15oz can of Black Beans


1.  Dice tomatoes and onion and put in a glass mixing bowl.
2.  Mince cilantro, add to the tomato mixture.
3.  Squeeze lime into mixture (add to taste)
4.  Add salt, cumin & garlic to taste.
5.  Open can of black beans.  Drain the juice from the beans, and add to the tomato mixture.

Mix it up gently and serve.

Enjoy your cool, yummy Mexican Summer Chili!

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