Monday, July 15, 2013

My really big CHEAT. And NOPE... not feeling a bit guilty :)

Wait... is that ME in that picture there on the right?  ME eating that juicy scrumptious hamburger made with freshly ground local beef?

You bet your bottom dollar it is!  And I EARNED every single bite of it!

Yesterday was quite crazy... from the time I woke up and snuck downstairs (tiptoeing around the forms of my sleeping children on my bedroom floor), to the moment I crashed hard in bed.

It's a good thing that we took the fam to church Saturday night, because otherwise, we would still be working on our big project!

Why so crazy???  Recently, I was contacted by the Les Mills Combat team that works for Beachbody.  They asked if I would film an interview and some tracks of me working out to the program at home so they could consider using me for one of their success stories.  Needless to say... I was extremely surprised and excited to receive the email!  (My huge moment to be a star shining diva... right?  LOL)

So, needing some help from hubby for this project, we woke up early in the morning, snuck downstairs and enjoyed a cup of coffee before the minions arose (Ahhhh... just love drinking in all that peace and QUIET!).  

In preparation for the interview, we threw up a quick prayer for inspiration and then started filming.  Thank God that the interview didn't take that long... But little did we know how much we had ahead of us!

The Les Mills Combat team asked me to record myself working out to specific tracks... video from the front and video from the side on each one.  You know... sometimes... I REALLY wish I wasn't a perfectionist!  By the end of the day yesterday, this sense of perfectionism had totally kicked me in the booty!

Between hair changes, children interrupting, head being cut out of video, battery dying, etc... it took what felt like a million takes, and the better part of the day to finish up.

By the time evening rolled around, I was totally exhausted from doing the same workout over and over... and the only thing getting me through them was the vision of a gorgeous Spelunkers hamburger just waiting for me at the end.  I kept thinking about my first juicy bite!

When all was said and done, I didn't feel a bit guilty about eating that hamburger.  I even polished it off with fries and a coke!  I've been doing well, and I worked my tail off, so I can tell you... that it felt pretty darn awesome to enjoy every bite of that burger and not feel an ounce of guilt :)

Why no guilt?  Because that was the reward I chose for the extra hard work I put into my workouts.  I punched harder.  I kicked higher.  And I dreamed bigger.  Well... of a bigger Bacon Cavern Cheeseburger... of course!

It's about setting goals and rewarding yourself appropriately.  Work hard.  Get some good healthy eating habits into your life.  And every once in awhile.. reward yourself for fulfilling a set challenge.  And when you reach it?  Go enjoy that juicy burger or ice cream cone... or whatever your big reward is... guilt free.  

I know I certainly did!  :)

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