Monday, July 22, 2013

Evolution of life & love in 13 years of marriage.

How does love & life evolve over 13 crazy years?  Here's a quick glimpse :)

Bathroom manners

Immediately after wedding upon move-in:
1.  Decide which way the toilet paper is supposed to face when put on the roll.  (Out.  That's the way hotels do it... there's a REASON for that.)

2.  EVERYONE puts BOTH seats down.  That way no one falls into the toilet in the middle of the night on a quick emergency pregnancy potty run.  (And no.  Of course that NEVER happened to ME!)

After 7 years & 3 kids:
1.  You're lucky if the toilet paper is ever put ON the roll.
2.  Falling in the toilet is a common occurrence at night, as is sitting on a wet seat.

After 13 years & 5 kids:
1.  You're lucky if you're not out of toilet paper.
2.  You've finally learned to check and wipe down toilet seat before sitting down.

Daily Schtuff

Immediately after wedding upon move-in:
1.  A practically gourmet and healthy meal is made and on the table every night.
2.  House is cleaned up thoroughly almost every day.  Laundry is mostly done.

After 7 years & 3 kids:
1.  A nice healthy dinner is made and on the table most nights.
2.  House is basically clean... thoroughly a few times a week.  Laundry is not too out of control.

After 13 years & 5 kids:
1.  Last minute scramble to throw something together and get everyone fed between soccer practice, Irish dance, etc.
2.  House dirties itself... thoroughly cleaned once a week... if lucky.  Laundry monster has devoured the basement.


Immediately after wedding upon move-in:
1.  We knew everything.
2.  Bed time would be strict.
3.  LOVED bed time :)

After 7 years & 3 kids:
1.  We knew some things.
2.  Bed time was strict.
3.  Bed was sometimes shared with baby.

After 13 years & 5 kids:
1.  We know nothing.
2.  Bed time?
3.  We wake up in the morning and the kids are all in our bed or on our floor.


Immediately after wedding upon move-in:
1.  Love is perfect.  We are perfect.  We are so meant to be.  Happily ever after?  OF COURSE!
2.  He is perfect.  Best man EVER.  I'm so lucky.

After 7 years & 3 kids:
1.  Love is tried.  Temptation to call it quits.  Not the dream first imagined.
2.  He is a man.  He isn't perfect.  What did I get myself in to?

After 13 years & 5 kids:
1.  Love tried in fire is refined like gold.  Love IS forever.  Happily ever after has begun.
2.  He is my best friend.  He is my lover.  He isn't perfect?  SO WHAT!  He is MY man, and I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


In my idealistic youth, I had this dream that my knight in shining armor would come riding in, sweep me off my feet, and carry me away in marital bliss.

The day I got married, I knew that Trent was the man for me.  What I didn't know was the trials and hardships that were ahead.  I didn't know that there were certain imperfections in both of us that would mar that dream of "happily ever after," and make for a rocky road ahead.

There was a day when it would have been easier to walk away than stay together.  But when that day came, we made a decision.  We decided to actively work on our marriage.  It wasn't easy.  In fact, at first... it was rather hard.  But God has blessed our faithfulness, and I can truly say that I have married my soulmate... my best friend... and the love of my life.

(I know that marriage does not always work out for everyone.  This is not a judgement on those who are unable to work out their differences.  This is simply a bit of my own personal story.   :)

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