Monday, March 4, 2013

Confessions of a gluttonous weekend...

Okay... you may have seen me post on Facebook about it, but, let me tell ya... this weekend, hubby gave me a little bit of a break from my 90 day iPad challenge, and BOY did I fall off the wagon!

As soon as he sanctioned it, the "Girl with the curl" was on the prowl.  I was out the door ready to take my little girl to her Irish dance performance at a local pub.  "Hey Brigette... you hungry?"  "Um... yeah."  Yup!  That's all it took.  First stop was our local hamburger joint.  Juicy burgers made from meat bought at the local butcher's shop.

Ahhhh... I swear I dream of the Double Bacon Cavern Burger with Cheese!  In fact, my mouth is watering as we speak, and my adrenaline levels are heightened.  YES, my friends.  It is THAT good!

So... I was actually not as bad as I could have been :)  I DIDN'T get the double cavern burger.  And I DIDN'T order bacon.  Well... at least not on the first one... that is.  (*sigh*)  I ordered the Cavern Burger, but I only ate half the fries.  However... true confession... I did drink the full 24oz coke all by myself! 

If that was all I did, then the weekend wouldn't have been so bad.  BUT, I enjoyed a chocolate martini that evening, and then after Brig and I got home, hubby and I were off to an after-party for our local "Womenless Beauty Pagaent".  Of course... there was artichoke dip and meatballs and... and... for the sake of everyone involved, I'll stop there!  Oh... and I had a couple of beers too.  (Ooops!)

I have to admit.  This is VERY embarrassing to say in public... but I've been a pretty good girl lately, so I haven't had as much to post!  So, I feel compelled to give my full confession, just so I can keep it real and remember, that even though I'm really improving... I'm STILL prone to really falling off the wagon.

Sunday didn't start off much better.  I started the day off with some friend therapy and another Cavern Burger... only this time... I ordered the bacon!  (Yes... I have denied myself for so long, I couldn't resist it one more time!)  We made homemade gluten-free pizza for dinner (of course I had to have a beer with that...).  We finished off the gluttonous weekend with a banana split!  And yes... it had ALL the toppings... hot fudge, strawberries, nuts and plenty of whipped cream.  (Oh yum!)

So, when I say that I was SO ready for Monday... TGIM... I wasn't kidding.  I'm junked out and in need of getting back to the healthy eating I've been so good at lately.

So... thank you, hubby, for the break without having to give up the chance for a new iPad... but it is TIME to get back on the wagon!  I got a fresh start this morning with a workout and some insane house cleaning.

Yup!  I'm BACK and it feels so GOOD!  THANK GOD :)


  1. You probably lost weight after all that.

  2. Hahaha... unfortunately not! I find that when I go crazy for a weekend, it usually takes me at least half a week to recover from it :)a