Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diet Breaking Paul Bunyan Style

I'm on vacation. This simply means... No holds barred when it comes to wetting my appetite with delectable all-American food and hanging with old friends.

We stopped over at a local venue here in the heart of the Twin cities (I LOVE to support local!). One swipe over the menu and I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted the Blue Ox bacon beef burger. My mouth watered just at the sound of it. Blue for bleu cheese, and Ox for beef... Right?

WRONG. I don't know how I didn't catch it. I mean... My kiddos have that old Disney movie about American legends. Blue Ox is Paul Bunyan's pet. Oh. So, who is Paul Bunyan? He's virtually a GIANT!!!

Now, what does this have to do with my lunch? My simple burger (which, might I add... I was sharing with my 7-year-old...) was INSANELY HUGE!

Check it out.

Talk about being in burger heaven! I only ate half, but boy was it yummy! Even with half of it down, they still had to roll me out the door when I was done.

But was worth it :)


  1. Teehee! I was expecting a much bigger treat!! But that is hilarious. Glad you're gettin away!

  2. Geez, Rosie... if you look closely.. you will see that there is a grilled cheese sandwich at the TOP of the burger and a grilled cheese sandwich at the BOTTOM of the burger. And a GIANT hamburger patty in between! LOL The bread at the top and bottom is that big Texas Toast bread. :)